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Officers of the Club and Committee Chairs
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YourTown Rotary Officers:

President Fred Griffin
President-Elect Eve Hager
Vice-President Ned Levy
Treasurer Wendy Storkman
Asst.Treasurer Chris Elkind
Secretary Dale Kinnon
Sergeant-at Arms Felix Turpin
Past President Charley Weston



Board of Directors:

Lauie Lenes

Fred Griffin

John Albert

Meg McInnis

Steve Mercier



Avenues of Servcie Chairs:

Community Service Libby Vilano
International Service

Stan Trudeau

Vocational Service Martha Carey
Club Service Dave Kearny



Committee Chairs/ Event or Area Coordinators:

Membership Tom Michaels
Rotary Foundation Susan O'Harra
Attendance Chairs & Greeters

Denise Karuz

Rotaract Bill Alexander
Rotary Educational Foundation, Inc.      Bob McGovern
Newsletter Charley Ross
Nominating Rudy Evans
Club Rotoplast Coordinator Owen Haley
Rotary Information Mike Anatca
Public Relations Sue Sheraton
Banners Jon Baji
Hotel Relations Jack Roberts
National Honor Society Kristi Gibbons
RYLA Josh Lang
Fellowship Awards

Leo Biggins

Vocational Service Awards

Jill Wayland

Songmaster Joe Musicman
Pianist Dave Walker
Classification Tony Fina

Club Communication &

Internet Officer

Sam Tech