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Chalk Festival



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Chalk Fest is the annual fundraiser for the Rotary Club of YourTown.  Proceeds go to help the Club Support many YourTown Charities throughout the year.





What is Chalk on the Walk?

Chalk Fest is  the YourTown version of an Italian Street Painting Festival.  The artist is free to create, with chalk pastels(supplied by the Club), their own vision.  Paintings are created in full view of the public who are encouraged to "kabitz".  The fact that the paintings dissappear at the end of the day makes their beauty even more appealing.  Anyone, from young child to senior citizen, can become an artist for the day.  You do not need to be a professional. It is held as part of the City's Annual River Fest that regularly draws 14,000 people. 


How is the money raised?

Local businesses and generous individuals buy "blocks".  Each  block is assigned to an artist.  The sponsor's  and the artist's name appear on signs over each block.


How will YourTown Rotary spend the money it raises at Chalk on the Walk?

The money we raise from Chalk Fest is the primary source of funding for our charitable works.   The Club grants scholarships to graduating high school students and makes donations to YourTown Charities that deal with problams ranging from mental health to  teen drug abuse.  Ever mindful of Rotary's place in the world, the Club is always ready to lend support to emergency relief efforts when they arrise.  Link


I want to participate as a Sponsor or an Artist.  How do I find out more?

Sponsors should go to the Sponsor information page.
Artists should visit the Artist information page.


How was last year's Chalk Fest?

It was a great success!  Here are some photos and more information about Chalk on the Walk.


Chalk on the Walk 2001 - Banner Entrance


Yourtown closes Main Street for it's annual River Fest Celebration.  That enables us to set up shop for the artists that will transform the gritty asphalt into works of art...


Chalk on the Walk 2001 - Cambridge Trust Flower




Once we set up the "canvases," the artists can go to work.  Here is a group working on a square sponsored by YourTown Savings Bank.









Chalk on the Walk 2001 - Group





Some sponsors create teams to work on the block.










Chalk on the Walk 2001 - Sea Creatures






Chalk Fest is full of art of all kinds, from reproductions of the clasics to works of fancy.








Chalk on the Walk 2001 - Girl






You don't need to be a professional artist to work on a "canvas."  Chalk Fest is for everyone! There are special blocks set aside for children under 12.







Want to find out more?

Look at our Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ). If you still have a question e-mail chalk@YourTownRotary1.com and we will get back to you.


You can also take a look at the River Festival page at the YourTown Arts Council.